• zaros lake
    enjoy the tranquility
    and relax by the magnificent view of the lake with its calm waters
  • zaros lake
  • zaros lake
  • zaros lake
  • zaros lake
  • zaros lake


to the enchanting lake


The lake of Zaros with its calm immovable surface generously offers tranquility and relaxation to its guests. Surrounded by trees and lush vegetation, it reflects the beauty of the landscape in its waters.

For those who prefer to discover the hiking trails of the region, the lake can become a starting point of a hiking trip or a nice place to rest after the journey. p>

Enjoy your coffee, your ice cream, fresh juices and snacks, or your food with the wonderful view of the lake before your eyes!

Historical facts

Until 1987, there was just a small wetland formed by the cavity of the Votomos spring on the site of the lake.

It acquired its current form in 1987, when the Forest Service revived the area and created an artificial lake where the waters of the spring are retained.

zaros lake

zaros lake


They used to say that in the old days there was a threshing floor in place of the lake. This threshing floor belonged to a young woman. One day, when the sun was burning and there was no water, the woman and her oxen were so thirsty that she begged God to send her water.

God heard her prayers, the threshing floor became a marsh and the young woman disappeared.

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